Life Update

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Okay, so it’s been forever since I wrote here and I thought I’d tell y’all what’s been going on.


First off, my laptop crashed so I couldn’t get on here even if I wanted to, and trust me, I wanted to.


Second, I had a whole lot of drama between myself and my parents. They still aren’t stoked about my being trans* and they voiced that. Lots of drama ensued.


Third, I moved out. They pushed me to the edge and I said “screw it” and left. Boy, that was a stupid maneuver. I don’t have anything necessary to live a normal life so life’s been tough. I think I’ll end up moving back in very soon.


So yeah, essentially that’s it. Lots of unneeded drama and crap. This post is gonna be short and sweet because I can’t bring myself to talk too deeply about my personal problems. Yeah, bye.


Coming Out

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I just posted how I found out that I was transgender, now I’ll tell you how I came out as transgender to my friends, siblings, and parents.

I already told you that I came out to a few friends that I know/met online and then another friend that I know personally. She was fine with it. Next to come was my sister. Like when I came out to her as a lesbian she thought this was “just a phase” (god I hate that phrase). I shrugged it off and just went on my merry little way.

A few days after I came out to her it became stunningly clear that I couldn’t hide this anymore. So I came to the conclusion that it was time to come out to my parents. Now, I was terrified to come out to them for fear that they’d reject me and kick me out and stuff like that.

Well, I came out and they reacted just as I expected only they didn’t kick me out. They basically said that I wasn’t a Christian and that I was sinning and they proceeded to try and change me. So I just shut down and ignored them. I wasn’t going to change because they didn’t agree. I am who I am and nothing can change that.

Next, it was time to come out to my boss and youth pastor. They already knew that I was a lesbian and they were “helping” me through that so I figured, “What the heck?” and told them that I was trans*. They took it a whole lot better than my parents. They didn’t try and change me at all or anything. They just said okay.

Freaking awesome.

Now, I still have a long ways to go before I’m open about my gender identity to everyone but I’ll take it all in stride. Nothing and no one is going to make me change who I am.

Finding Out

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Okay, so as you may know I have another blog called Being A Christian Lesbian, but that’s not exactly true anymore. I”m still a Christian, I still love the ladies, but I’m no longer a lesbian. I’m straight.

Now, I’m sure you’re going “The heck is she talking about?”

You see, I’m straight because I’m not a girl. I’m transgender.

Yeah, I just knocked your socks off with that one didn’t I?

Well that’s okay, it came as no shock at all to me. In fact it was quite a relief to finally admit it to myself.

I found out just a week ago. I have been really thinking about my gender identity and questioning who I was for a while now and a week ago I just came out to myself. I actually posted on a forum that I role play on about the fact that I was questioning and a dear friend of mine sent me a private message asking why I was questioning.

When I was responding to her I realized just how obvious it should have been. I was transgender. I was a boy in a girl’s body.

So I told her and the rest of my friends on said forum and then I came out to a close friend of mine irl (in real life, meaning I know her in person, she’s not someone I met online). She was fine with it and even joked about picking new names.

So, basically, that’s how I found out that I’m transgender.